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A torque sensor is like a throttle that determines how much power to feed the eBike's motor based upon how hard the rider is pedaling.

A cadence sensor is like a throttle operated by your feet. Essentially it measures how fast the rider is pedalling. If the rider climbs a hill and begins to pedal slower, the motor will produce less power where more power is really required.

Pedal Assist Systems

Pedal Assist Systems

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Torque or Cadence Sensors - What Choices?

Torque or Cadence Sensors
What Choices?

Choosing Torque or Cadence sensor-based Pedal Assist all depends on the riding experience you want. We offer both. Pedal Assist means what it says - in both cases you need to pedal to get the Motor to add motion and that’s why twist-and-go throttles are appreciated when you need to get across the road quickly.

Cadence sensor-based PAS are typically found on most eBikes currently and is less costly, simply measuring how fast you are pedalling to add motor power accordingly. So just the same as driving a car, when you approach a hill it is good idea to change down to a lower gear to increase pedal speed.

This is the reason why pre-set speed levels (typically 3 to 8 levels) are provided on eBikes to input a greater power setting as well as a cruise control function. Supplement this with a twist-and-go throttle and you have all the power you require just when you need it without having to select a power-level setting and wait for it to kick-in as you ride off from stationary.

Torque Sensor based PAS provides a more intuitive and smoother ride because it determines the motor input needed relative to how hard you are pedalling. The harder you push the pedals the faster you go. Torque Sensor PAS makes you work for the power and you really feel you are riding a normal bike, but you are getting there faster and not having to battle up those hills. Gear selection becomes more intuitive and you will feel you are riding on a normal bike.

A supplementary benefit of Torque Sensor PAS is that as a result of you having to pedal harder, you get a lot further and get fitter at the same time. Unfortunately, just when your legs are getting tired and you want to get home, it could be a slow ride.

However, typically our Torque-based eBikes come with a Boost Control to get you home.

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