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Bike Electric's showroom is located in Swaffham, Norfolk.

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electric eBikes make cycling into the countryside more enjoyable when you can get home easily. BikeElectrics range includes Gocycle, Low-Cost RooDog and the trendy Kudos eMTB mountain bikes

Experience the joy of riding and exercise whilst pedalling your eBike. Call our showroom to see just how easy our eBikes are to ride safely for exploring your countryside and going further afield knowing your eBike will always get you home with a smile on your face after a good day out whilst exercising in the countryside fresh air.

Di Blasi eTrikes

Di Blasi eTrikes

Are you having mobility problems and need some assistance to get around, but don't want a mobility Scooter just yet. Well look no further.

ETrikes are not just about pedal-free travel. Pedal-assist adds a power-boost making them ideal for hilly terrain or for setting-off quickly from a standing start at road junctions. You’ll want to get out more often, you will find you cycle further, still able to get home and at the same time get even fitter. ETrikes make cycling fun!

At Bike Electric we offer low-cost Electric Trikes, Folding eTrikes and Folding Mobility Scooters, both of which fold up into the size of suitcase that you can put into the back of your car.

Our Di Blasi R30/R34 Folding Mobility Scooters with one-touch folding, at the touch of a button, folds down into a suitcase size that easily fits into the smallest car and an automatic hoist is available for ease of loading. Ideal for that planned cruise too.

Please give us a call. We will be happy to explain how we can help you get around more easily.

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Di Blasi R30 Folding Mobility Scooter


The Di Blasi R30 Folding Mobility Scooter is the most compact and transportable folding Mobility Scooter on the UK market. With the touch of one button it folds down to just 61 x 38 x 58cms (21 x 15 x 18”)

the R30 incorporates built-in Ball Casters for ease of storing and Pull-along Transporting Wheels. There is the option of a Padded Carry Case with Castor Wheels and an Automatic Hoist for the car boot allowing for easy storage and transportation.

Di Blasi R34 Folding eTrike

RRP£2750.00 - £2830.00

The Di Blasi R34 Electric Folding Trike is an Italian-built engineering masterpiece! Folding down to a slim 34 x 65 x 77cm cube with transporting wheels, in under 30 seconds to fit in a car boot, caravan or camper van and is ideal for cruise ship holidays.

With its exceptionally low Step-Through Frame giving ease of access, there is no other ETrike that folds into a compact cube of this size.

The R34 is equipped with a ‘pedal-assist’ Electric Motor and a good size 24VDC 9Ah Battery. The motor activates as soon as you start pedalling, providing a speed of up to 8mph. The battery provides a range of up to 20 miles depending on the rider’s weight and pedal input. Buyers with qualifying disabilities can purchase free of VAT.

The R34 Folding eTrike is available in three colours; Graphite Grey, Blue or Burgundy, and in three frame sizes; Standard, Junior and Cadet.