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Bike Electric's showroom is located in Swaffham, Norfolk.

Give us call on 0800 773 4921 for a test ride and see those hills are a thing of the past.

electric eBikes make cycling into the countryside more enjoyable when you can get home easily. BikeElectrics range includes Gocycle, Low-Cost RooDog and the trendy Kudos eMTB mountain bikes

Experience the joy of riding and exercise whilst pedalling your eBike. Call our showroom to see just how easy our eBikes are to ride safely for exploring your countryside and going further afield knowing your eBike will always get you home with a smile on your face after a good day out whilst exercising in the countryside fresh air.

Seago & Go City Lite e-Power Folding eBikes

Seago & Go City Lite
Folding eBikes

The Seago and Go City Lite e-Power eFolders have style and comfort to a high specification. This new generation of eBikes boast the 8Fun Hi-Tech Motor which widely accepted as best in its class accompanied by a high-powered 10Ah Samsung li-ion battery.

Also now fitted with a larger battery, a splash cover for the charging port and an upgraded Zoom suspension with lockout. The rotation sensor is now built into the crank to reduce the risk of mis-alignment. A new feature for 2019 is the WALK MODE allowing the user to walk alongside the eBike whilst pressing the Walk Button when on uneven ground or up a hill. A Wheelie Bike Bag is available.

Seago E-Power Folding eBike

Call Sales FREE on 0800 773 4921 to BUY NOW

Seago E-Power Go City Lite

Call Sales FREE on 0800 773 4921 to BUY NOW
Beaufort Soho eBike with Black Frame