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Bike Electric's showroom is just 10 miles north of the M25, and 2 miles east of the A1M in Welwyn Garden City.

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For a test ride or to use an eBike over the weekend Give us call on 0800 773 4921

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pic showing how much fun electric eBikes make cycling into the countryside more enjoyable when you can get home easily. BikeElectric's range includes Gocycle, Low-Cost RooDog and the trendy Kudos eMTB mountain bikes

Experience the joy of riding and exercise whilst pedalling your eBike. Call our showroom to see just how easy our eBikes are to ride safely for exploring your countryside and going further afield knowing your eBike will always get you home with a smile on your face after a good day out whilst exercising in the countryside fresh air.

That the rider is suspended from the upper spokes, not by the grounding spokes.

Electric Bikes - the future for cycling

Electric Bikes
The Future of Cycling

What we offer at Bike Electric

Our Passion is Electric Bikes and we only market the very latest Model eBikes from Top Class Manufacturers. So often we find our callers find the Electric Bike world confusing and need clear sensible advice as to which suits their needs most. We take pride in giving such clear advice without preference to any particular supplier and give all our callers the opportunity to ride a selection of our eBikes.

At Bike Electric we provide only the best quality-for-value electric bikes for reliability, long term performance and a hassle free ride that will put a smile on your face. You will find we have the right eBike for your needs from the wide range of City, Folding, Urban, Hybrid or high-powered Mountain eBikes. Should your interest be a ride into the countryside along the fields and towpaths, simply getting about the town or to the train Station we have the eBike to suit you.

Looking after your eBike investment to ensure years of reliable transportation means regular servicing. Bike Electric can facilitate full servicing of your eBike using a team of highly-trained mechanics maintaining it to the highest standards. Please ask for details.

Why Electric Bikes are so popular?

Electric Bikes allow you enjoy cycling without the worry of whether you will be able to get up that steep hill, as well as extending the distance you can go in exploring your countryside, or getting to work feeling fresh after your ride. At the same time greatly reducing your daily commuting costs as well as a greener alternative to other motorised vehicle.

The new generation of Electric Bikes typically provide a 50 mile range and 4 hours or more of pleasurable riding using the Pedal Assist Power to supplement your own pedalling and for tackling those steeper hills. Batteries are available to even extend this range to 100 miles and we also have eBikes with regeneration charging.

Should you simply want to get to work avoiding those traffic queues or paying high parking charges at the Train Station, then take advantage of the Green transport "Cycle to work Scheme" with typically 50% saving with Payee, NI contributions and VAT taken into consideration via convenient monthly payments.

Add the power of Pedal Assist to your cycling enjoyment and put a smile on your face as your ride.

Benefit from the "Ride-to-Buy" discount we offer all callers.

Upon viewing our carefully selected eBikes from the market leaders and finding just the right size eBike for a comfortable, safe ride as well as the best for performance and range. You will find you only have to plug in the eBike's battery charger overnight into a wall socket and have an easy and rewarding long ride the next day.

Looking for the best-of–the-best and real cool styling then take look at our and Gocycle eBikes.

Blue GoCycle G3
Blue GoCycle G3 folded
GoCycle app on smartphone

Gocycle's GS brings to the market for the first time their ground-breaking integrated daytime running lights (DRL). Using their propriety light pipe design and technology this greatly increases GS riders visibility in daylight and at night.

Another neat Gocyle invention is the introduction of a single click pre-ride safety check provided by its propriety Hexlock TM system for the G3 Pitstop wheels® Clip-on wheels. The G3 cockpit has also been enhanced. More comfortable ergonomic grips with the Gocycle bespoke 4-way rotary electronic twist action for shifting the power and Daytime running light mode. Also, newly developed sleep power management and charge control to further enhance the range of the larger 13.5Ah battery fitted into the G3 frame.