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Visit Our Welwyn Garden City Showroom or Buy NOW over the Phone
All our eBikes delivered direct to you and ready to ride!
Visit Our Welwyn Garden City Showroom or
over the Phone

All our eBikes delivered direct to you
and ready to ride!
Get Out of The City & Explore your Countryside - Float UP Those Hills With a Smile on Your Face

Largest stock of Demo eBikes for Test Riding in Hertfordshire

At Bike Electric we provide only the best quality-for-value electric bikes for reliability, long term performance and a hassle free ride that will put a smile on your face.

Should your interest be a ride into the countryside along the fields and towpaths, simply getting about the town or to the train Station we have the eBike to suit you.

Our 'Cycle to Work
Scheme' is now "No Limit", Make it work for you

Does your Employer not have such a scheme? Then let us do the leg work for you. Our to Work Scheme really works for both you and your Employer with substantial saving for all.

Typical saving on a £3,300 eBike is £774.44 to your Employer and between £1,000 and £1,400 for you. Also there is no £1,000 limit on the Scheme we offer so you can select the right eBike for your need.

See Typical Savings...

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Bike Electric's showroom is just 10 miles north of the M25, and 2 miles east of the A1M in Welwyn Garden City.

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For a test ride or to use an eBike over the weekend Give us call on 0800 773 4921

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eBiking - fun, healthy, efficient, inexpensive!

eBiking - fun, healthy, efficient, inexpensive!

Cycling is really great, it’s healthy, fun, and inexpensive to do! But why should you consider choosing an eBike over a regular bike? What are the benefits of riding an eBike? Click here for our eBike Style Explorer.

electric bike being ridden on country trail

It is well known one of the best exercises is moderate cycling on flat ground.

If you are young and fit, then riding a bike is easy and enjoyable. However, if you are of a mature age, have bad knees or back that are not up to the job of pedaling up those dreaded hills or find that the trek home is tougher than the enjoyment of getting there?

EBikes have the distinct advantage over regular bicycles by virtue of their powerful electric motors that ease pedalling exertion.

But eBikes are not just about pedal-free travel. Pedal-assist gives an extra power-boost to each pedal stroke. Making them ideal for hilly terrain or for setting-off quickly from a standing start at city junctions, and by lowering the impact on your knees and back you’ll want to get out more often. As your fitness-level increases with regular cycling, the motor can be turned off for longer periods, saving the battery and as you go even further, you'll still be able to get home! You will certainly cycle further and at the same time get even fitter. EBikes make cycling fun!

You have considered cycling to work, but don't want to turn up at the office sweaty and dishevelled.

Cycling to work means that you can avoid rush-hour traffic queues and parking charges but can mean a change of clothes by the time you get there. Riding an eBike requires much less effort than a regular bike thanks to pedal-assist and throttle control. No more tedious traffic queues or waiting for that late train again. With a folding-eBike, you arrive at the station, and in mere seconds fold the bike down and board the train. You will arrive at your place of work quicker, fresh and ready to go! After that long day at work, there will be no need to do battle with the rush-hour traffic to get home.

The perfect efficient green-transportation!

With their quiet electric motor and powerful batteries, eBikes provide relaxing pedal-assisted travel of typically 30 miles and some models can even reach 90 miles! Riding an eBike is so much fun - whether in town, over hills in the countryside, or to work. At mere pennies to charge the battery, eBikes have a minuscule carbon footprint with zero emsisions. Riding an eBike means cycling becomes accessible to everyone, whether for shopping, pleasure or serious mountain bike trekking for the adventure seeker. With a basket or saddle bags added, shopping isn't a tiresome slog and there are powerful hard-tail and soft-tail eMTBs to have some real fun with out on the hills trails and bridle paths.

UK's Widest range of eBikes. Come and Test Ride and Buy in Welwyn, Hertfordshire.

UK's Widest range of eBikes.
Come and Test Ride and Buy
in Welwyn, Hertfordshire.

Here at Bike Electric, we’re passionate about electric bikes (eBikes) and ensuring that you have access to the very best electric-powered bikes in the south east. Buying your first eBike can be confusing, but at Bike Electric, you’ll find the entire process simple, easy and enjoyable. Before long, you’ll be riding your eBike across the countryside, around your town and even to work and back. The exceptional range of eBikes we sell from our showroom means that no matter what your riding ability is, and what you want your eBike for, we’ll find you the perfect model.

Electric bikes not only mean you can approach any hill or incline with confidence, you’re choosing an environmentally-friendly method of transport.

Enjoy a range of benefits with our electric bikes for sale. eBikes are becoming ever more popular for a wide range of reasons, and here at Bike Electric we help people to find the best model based on their individual requirements. Some popular reasons for buying an electric bike include:

Electric Bike Styles & Models Stocked

Looking for the best-of–the-best and real cool styling then take look at our Stromer and Gocycle eBikes.

GoCycle Logo
GoCycle G3 in blue
Blue GoCycle G3 folded
GoCycle app on smartphone

Gocycle's third generation G3 brings to the market for the first time their ground-breaking integrated daytime running lights (DRL). Using their propriety light pipe design and technology this greatly increases G3 riders visibility in daylight and at night.

Stromer ST1 and Stromer ST2 are the best looking eBikes available with order customisable options. Stromer The Trendsetter Logo

For really cool styling then take look at our Stromer ST1 and Stromer ST2 eBikes. Order-customised to your exact specification. The only eBike that looks anything like an eBike as well as being a great hill climber that out-performs all.

The Bike Electric Folding eBikes Range

To help you decide which folding eBike is the right one for you, we've put together a quick summary.

White frame Gocycle folded
White frame Gocycle folded

The G3 Gocycle The trendsetting compactable G3 with predictive gearing weighs only 16.3kg with its battery in the frame. With its excellent rear suspension & quick release wheels, plus the unique G3 Daytime running light, the GoCycle G3 sets new standards in eBike design.

Orange Frame QWIC C-FN7
Orange Frame QWIC C-FN7

The Qwic C-FN7 Grip-handle gear change and luxury soft ride with front fork & seat suspension is a real joy to ride. Weighs 21.8kg and comes with fitted D-Lock and large battery provides excellent range.

Pulse Zf4 Unfolded
Pulse Zf4 Unfolded

The Pulse ZF.4 Introduces some real style into the Folding eBike market with its battery neatly tucked away out of sight and enabling this folder folds down into a snug size for storing in boat and caravan or just under the stairs. Ideal for those short trips to the local shop.

Black frame Rooddog Bliss folded
Black frame Rooddog Bliss folded

The Roodog Bliss With front suspension, good size soft seat, 10Ah battery and weighing 21Kg. This is a comfortable eBike to ride around town. Rear pannier for those local shopping trips.

Silver frame Kudos secret folded
Silver frame Kudos secret folded

The Kudos Secret Weighs just 18kg with the battery secure inside the frame and rear carrier, the Secret is ideal for short trips around the town.

Blaack frame Montague Boton folded
Blaack frame Montague Boton folded

The full-size Montague Boston Light Weight (13.6kg). Equipped with single speed or Twist Grip Nexus gearing and incorporating regenerative charging. Slope sensors in the hub adjust the PAS to gradient. A fast bike for the rider who wants simplicity and performance. The folding system folds to trunk-size in 20 seconds.

Bright green frame Kudos K16 folded
Bright green frame Kudos K16 folded

The Lightweight Kudos K16 Weighs only 13kg and folds down for train transport. Optimal 30~45 mile range and 16" wheels, with the battery built into the frame and rear carrier, the K16 is ideal for city use.

There are so many electric bikes available to buy that it can be a daunting taks to pick the right one for you, Bike Electric's experienced staff can take into account the size and design of an eBike to suit you and how you intend to use it. This will ensure you have a long lasting, reliable and comfortable eBike to enjoy for years to come.

Why should you choose Bike Electric to buy your new eBike from? At Bike Electric, we stock a number of the best eBike makes & models, and our own passion and experience means we’re in a unique position to give you impartial and professional advice about the most appropriate eBike for your needs. We’re constantly expanding our range of eBikes, so we often have models at sale prices too, perfect if you have a budget in mind.

Our friendly and professional team are dedicated and passionate about providing you with exceptional levels of customer service and to making your ebike-owning experience as easy and as enjoyable as possible. Based in Welwyn Garden City, we’re easily accessible from both London and throughout Hertfordshire.

Ladies Step-Through Electric Bikes

Our range of electric step-through unisex ebikes are perfect if you want an active and healthy way of getting round without having to worry about a high crossbar stretching or ripping your clothes. They also make an excellent utility bike due to being incredibly easy to mount and dismount, helping you to get about your daily tasks quicker and easier.

Whether you’re looking for a step-though unisex ebike for commuting to & from work or as an older cyclist to accommodate a bad back or knees, we at bike electric have the perfect ebike model for you.

Unisex / Men's Step-Over Electric Bikes

Our men’s electric crossbar ebikes are ideal if you need a powerful ebike you can rely on for speed. There’s no reason for women not to choose any of our step-over ebike models either! Here at Bike Electric, our friendly and experienced team will help you to choose the electric step-over ebike that’s right for you.

Step-over ebikes are incredibly popular for people looking for a classic shape that can withstand heavy-duty use. You can enjoy a bike ride anywhere, safe in the knowledge that you have pedal-assist to help you reach your destination in time or simply help you get home that little bit quicker without struggling with steep hills.

Portable, Folding & Collapsible Electric Bikes

If you have little room to store a full-size bike or want to be able to neatly put away your electric bike after an enjoyable ride, our range of stowable & portable ebikes offer the perfect solution. Solid and sturdy design means that you can rely on your portable electric bike for everything from occasional Sunday bike rides to daily commuting to the office.

Our portable ebikes are popular with a wide range of riders who want convenient and hassle-free transport, you’ll find our range of portable ebikes incredibly quick and easy to fold and unfold so you don’t have to worry about any complications before or after your ride.

Here at Bike Electric, we have an extensive range of portable ebikes for you to choose from. Find the perfect portable ebike for you by coming to our Hertfordshire showroom and test ride the model you’re interested in today.

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